A Guide To Declutter Your Wardrobe

If you are like me, half of your wardrobe will be made up of clothes that don’t fit. I know we all have clothes that are too small with the hope that one day in the not so distant future, they will fit. I’m also guessing that a few of you will have an expensive item of clothing that’s too small to encourage you to lose weight, and it rarely happens. We all have clothes that are too big for the days that we want to slob out and stay in the house.
My wardrobe consists of pre-pregnancy clothes that I’m hoping to get back into, maternity jeans that are way too comfy to stop wearing and clothes that aren’t even my style anymore!
I’ve recently come across this handy infographic from Eco-Movers, it’s a guide to help you declutter your wardrobe. It’s a simple flow chart that determines if you should toss, donate or keep an item of clothing.


It’s super simple to follow but it’s crazy how attached you can be to an item of clothing that you no longer wear.
I have recently decluttered our wardrobe using the same method. Looking back I could have been more strict, there are quite a few items that are too small, but in my defence, I have joined the gym and the weight is very slowly coming off.

So readers, what’s the state of your wardrobe? Are you a horder? Do you regularly have a clear our? Do you donate your clothes to friends, family or charity? Do you have the courage to toss your old battered clothes?

2 Years

Just over 2 years ago, I was pregnant and overdue. I felt fat, miserable and was banned from driving and walking by the physio, plus I had to use crutches! SPD/PGP isn’t fun but 2 years later life is so different.

You can’t prepare yourself enough for how much a child will transform your life, mostly good but sometimes you do wonder why you wanted a child.

Just under a week ago, we celebrated Willows 2nd Birthday. TWO?! Where has the time gone? Can anyone tell me, because I don’t know! I was told that you don’t understand the concept of time until you have a child, how true was that.

I no longer have a baby, I have a fiercley independent toddler who has already mastered the fine art of throwing a tantrum. *cough, cough, I don’t know where she gets that from*

Willow stands in at 90 something centimeters tall, weights in at 2st 7lb and loves Peppa Pig, Despicable me, surprise eggs, watching videos on YouTube and is totally obsessed with Play Doh.

I’m not expecting life with a toddler to get easier anytime soon but we will have to learn as we go along. I can’t believe that my baby is now two years old, please excuse me whilst I sit and sob in the corner……

Project 365, Week 3

Day 11, Walk to work. After I’ve dropped my little one off at my parents, this is my walk to work. The roads were calm and it wasn’t raining, for a change.


Day 12, Granola. Last week I took a picture of my new Actifry, I’ve been having so much fun with it and this week I used it to make some granola. Tasty and healthy, with oats, seeds, fruit, nuts, coconut oil and honey for some natural sweetness.


Day 13, Wedges. Yet another Actifry picture, last one this week, I promise! Potato wedges with paprika. Yum!


Day 14, Cosmeston. Cosmeston was once a quarry that was flooded to make a lake. It’s such a beautiful place and I’m sure all the locals will have some childhood memories of summer picnics here. They have squirrels that are almost tame!


Day 15, My favs. This is a picture of my Husband and Willow having a cwtch on the sofa before bed time.


Day 16, Trainers. Today I dug these bad boys out of the wardrobe. I am re-joining the gym. All the gear, no idea springs to mind!


Day 17, New Boots. Willow has new boots, bunny boots! Super cute and practical but why are they so expensive?!



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Look Back Over 2014

A year ago I did a post called ’14 Things For 2014′. It was a list of 14 things I wanted to achieve over the year and I’ve come back to it to see how far I managed to get. I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, I never keep them but last year I was determined to keep them for blogging purposes. I also used it as a challenge to get odd jobs done around the house.

So, lets see how I got on……

1. Holiday.

We did manage a short break to Disneyland Paris. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of travelling too far with Willow and we are lucky enough to live a 5 minute drive away from Cardiff airport. She was an absolute angel on the flight, we had a blast and she loved meeting Minnie. People who have been before……’it’s a small world after all’, sorry, it will be stuck in your head all day!

2. Cake smash.

Nope, didn’t do it. I wanted to attempt my own photo shoot but it would have been rubbish.

3. Pay a lump off the mortgage.

Tick, tick, tick this one off the list! Didn’t pay as much off as we’d like but it all helps, right?

4. Make the conservatory a usable room.

Sort off, We put some rugs down and bought some draws to organise my crafting supplies. Willow is now able to go into the conservatory and play, when I say play, I mean break into the draws and steal craft supplies, mainly yarn!

5. Solar panels.

Done! We are doing our bit for the environment, our electricity bill has dropped and we are making a little bit of money back every quarter. Bonus.

6. New job.

YES! YES! YES! ’nuff said! Can you tell that I’m over the moon about it?

7. Competitions.

The year did get of to a very good start, I won an ICandy peach jogger pram, £100 of craft supplies, dvd’s and some other bits and bobs. But I totally forgot how time-consuming comping is, there aren’t enough hors in the day.

8. Lose weight.

Totally nailed this one! I lost half a stone, then put it back on!

9. YouTube channel for vlogging.

I did start a channel and do one video but I have confidence issues, face and radio spring to mind.

10. Get Willow into her own room.

I was over the moon to achieve this, we are all sleeping much better as a result. Happy Child = Happy Parent.

11. New blog design.

I did give my blog a bit of a makeover but now I want to change it yet again. I want something a little more professional, less fussy and something that’s easier to read, with a cute header.

12. Learn a new craft or skill.

Does sticking sequins onto a piece of paper count? I do like to craft in my spare time and I did make some family gifts at Christmas but no new skill as yet.

13. More date nights with the Husband.

No (sad face). We have date afternoons, out for a meal, Bingo (if I’m lucky) but it’s not the same as a date night. Self inflicted because Hubby won’t let Willow sleep out.

14. Sort out moving boxes.

They are still there……..


It’s been fun going back over my list, I managed to do more than I thought and I’m looking forward to the year ahead. I only have ‘1 Thing for 2015′ and that’s to make some more awesome memories with my family.


Project 365, Week 2

This is my first full week of project 365. I will admit that I have had to take a few pictures in one day. In my defence, I’m not used to taking pictures every day. Note to self, REMEMBER TO TAKE MORE PICTURES!!!!!! Although I do worry that my pictures are boring.

Day 4

I was ill over Christmas and I’m ill again!


Day 5

Willow is Minion mad! I altered this single bedding set to fit a cot quilt. Crafty, Crafty!

image (6)

Day 6

Also Ipad mad! Willow can use YouTube but I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing?

image (4)

Day 7

A mummy friend asked how we store Willows hair accessories, this was my picture. I’d say that Willow has an impressive head of hair for a nearly two-year old. We may need to re-think our hair accessory storage in the very near future.

image (1)

Day 8

My new kitchen gadget! I’ve been eyeing this up for ages and finally got one. Recipe suggestions are welcme.

image (5)

Day 9

And some food that was cooked in said kitchen gadget, Roasties, parsnips and carrots, YUMMY.

image (3)

Day 10

I cut Willows hair! Eek! Hopefully it looks ok, I’m sure a hairdresser will come along and tell me otherwise.

image (2)

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Project 365, Week 1

I’ve decided to take part in the Project 365 that is hosted by TheBoyandMe. I’m a bit useless at remembering to take pictures, hopefully this will give me the kick up the backside that I need to remember to capture the memories. I love looking back at people pictures, learning about new places and finding new things to do and places to visit.

Day 1, Start the year as you mean to go on. I think the majority of people are on a health buzz at this time of the year. Teatox anyone?!

photo 2

Day 2, Yankee Candles are my absolute fav! They are my little treat and they smell gorgeous! My regular readers will know how much I love Yankee Candles.

photo 3

Day 3, Our Sunday walk at Porthkerry Park. Such a beautiful place, even if it was a little on the muddy side. Note to self, must purchase some wellies!

photo 1

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and the pictures that are waiting to be taken!

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Although I’m more of a tea drinker, there was no way I was refusing an invite to a coffee event! Curry’s teamed up with the lovely people at Nespresso to host a fabulous event at the Waterloo Tea Rooms in Cardiff. It was such an informative event and I learnt an awful lot about coffee.


The venue was split up into different areas, latte art, cupping, cocktails and we also had the opportunity to learn about the Nespresso machines.

After being split up into groups, we started with some tricky latte art, it’s more difficult than it looks and I can honestly say I was awful at it! It is most definitely an art! Here’s my effort and also the Batistas, I bet you wont need a second guess at which is mine……



Next we moved onto cupping, cupping involves ‘slurping’ coffee off a spoon. By slurping the coffee, you can distinguish all the flavours much better. It’s not very glamorous, I did feel a bit of an idiot doing this but at least I wasn’t alone. As I mentioned before, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so they all tasted the same to me!



After cupping, we moved onto coffee cocktails. This station was a firm favourite with some of the ladies, coffee mixed with alcohol is most definitely a winner but I was won over by a non-alcoholic coffee with chocolate concoction! Coffee and alcohol may not do it for me but chocolate most definitely does! This was absolutely delicious!


Once the coffee cocktails section came to an end (boohoooo), we very merrily moved onto the Nespresso machine area where we were shown the different range of machines, how to work them, their different functions and the vast range of coffee pods. They offer a machine for every price range and coffee pods for everyone’s taste, preference and occasion.

10841249_10154897384745317_548902884_n 10841657_10154897384550317_775133262_n 10850910_10154897384850317_1418280099_n

I’m so glad I went to this event, it was fun, informative and it’s always so nice to have a catch up with other bloggers. A special thanks to Curry’s, Nespresso, Waterloo Tea Room and JoeBloggers, thank you guys for holding an amazing event!



Christmas With The LED Hut

Last year I was lucky enough to receive these Christmas lights from LedHut, they have been so kind and they have even send me something to review this year!

LedHut Ltd supplies LED products to customers throughout Europe. The LedHut headquarters are located in Jersey (Channel Islands) with an operational base in Manchester, Great Britain. Both locations showcase the range of products on offer via two show rooms with the added ability of being able to purchase/pick up from two Trade Outlets. LedHut now has additional sites serving customers in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

LedHut Ltd started trading in March 2011 and has been quick to establish itself as one of the leading providers of LEDs into the United Kingdom. Offering competitively priced products, strong product guarantees, the right product certifications and with a great UK delivery service, LedHut is the preferred supplier of LED products for many customers.

LedHut operates a dedicated call centre consisting of multi-lingual customer service representatives who are able to assist with any LED queries and with dedicated Trade Account Managers providing business to business support for wholesale customers.

Over the past year LedHut has replaced over 900,000 standard lights with Energy Saving LED Lights, resulting in total customer savings of over a £3,500,000 which has led to the reduction of over 3000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions.

Save yourself money and save the planet…just change your lights to LED lights…it’s that simple!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Santa and I was over the moon when he arrived to spend Christmas with us!


This battery-powered versatile light will give you instant Christmas joy. The double-sided design makes it perfect for displaying in a window allowing people inside and out to enjoy this colourful light.

This Christmas Light can be displayed in many different ways. It comes with a loop that makes it perfect to hang on the wall, from fittings, on your door or even in the tree.

This product is battery-powered, which are included.

I must admit that I didn’t think too much of Santa when he arrived but he comes to life with the flick of a switch…..


What I like the most about this Christmas light, is that it’s portable and versatile, I can move it about without having to worry about wires and the location of a plug socket, plus, its light enough to hang from the tree, prop up on the mantle piece or pop in the window for an instant display. Priced at £9.99, this light won’t break the bank and will make a fab addition to your Christmas decorations!


*I was sent this item for review purposes, all views are my own*






The Past Month

My last blog post was published a month ago! YES, A MONTH AGO! I know that I’ve neglected my blog for the past few months but I’ve had my reasons and I will explain. The past month has been a little hectic, amazingly, I got myself a new job! It was a total spur of the moment decision but overall, a very good decision. For a while I was working two jobs until I had worked my notice and we’ve also had to put Willow into a nursery one day a week. No wonder people don’t go back to work after having children, childcare is expensive but I will save that for another blog post.

I feel like I could never be myself on my social media networks, my old job (it feels so good so say my ‘old’ job!) had social media policies and staff had to be careful with what they say, there was also bitching and backstabbing (in massive amounts) and it depressed me, my creativity went out the window and my blog and home life has suffered as a result. You know it’s time to quit when you come home from work and cry, you feel sick at the thought of work. I would dread my mobile phone ringing on my day off with work problems or people going sick and my work rota changing at a moments notice. I’ve taken a pay cut and I’m working more hours but I don’t care because my sanity has been restored and so far, I’m enjoying my new job! And a plus, I no longer have to work evenings or weekends! Whoop! It felt strange to actually hand my notice in and leave, I worked there for the past eleven and a half years of my life and made some life long friends, but it was time to move on, I hadn’t been happy there for quite some time, years even.

I do have a few blog posts ready in my head, I feel excited to be back in the zone and my blogging mojo is slowly coming back. I’m really looking forward to a blogging event that I’m attending on Sunday and I’m sure you will know all about it early next week. Hopefully, I will be back in full force……

What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

I was recently asked by Curry’s What is your favourite movie soundtrack? ‘, it’s a total no brainer and I know my answer straight away!

Any opportunity that I’m given, I will go on and on about this show/film. I fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time in Las Vegas, I have also got my mum hooked and we have seen the stage show all over the UK. I particularly like the film version, starring Gerard Butler. I am talking about ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Many people who know me, will be shocked that I’m a ‘Phan’. Andrew Lloyd-Webber is an absolute musical genius.

DSC_0156 (1)

The Phantom of the Opera tells the story about love, heartbreak and betrayal, its captivating and has me on the edge of my seat. I’m in tears every time, even though I know what’s going to happen next. They sing with such passion and the music makes my hairs stand on end. How amazing would ‘Overture’ sound coming out of a Bose system?

It sends shivers up my spine just talking about it!

Since having a baby, we have opted for movie nights in. Money can be tight and a trip to the cinema doesn’t really come that cheap, plus, we’re not ready for Willow to spend a night away from home just yet. Even better, you can slob out in your PJ’s, put your feet on the sofa, and even pause your film without the fear of missing a good part!


This is my entry into the Curry’s movie night competition.


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